Apache Updates

 Feb 22nd

On 2/23/207 between 1am and 2am CDT we will be migrating from Easy Apache 3 to Easy Apache 4 to take advantage of the latest versions ov Apache and new supported Versions of PHP 7.1.  Durring this maintenance window you can expect up to a 60 minute outage.  All scripts running on the server have been verified should be able to work with this ... Read More »

Email Grey Listing now Available

 Jul 9th

Greylisting is the process of deferring emails from unknown senders. When the email arrives, Greylisting causes the server to return a message that boils down to, "I'm busy at the moment, try again in a bit." Valid Mail Transfer Agents (MTAs), like Exim, will automatically retry many times. This retry time can be several minutes to start and last ... Read More »

New Cpanel Portal Integration

 Jul 9th

Now you can make change to Cpanel just by logging into your account at Atechstl.com.  Simply login, select Services and select your hosting account.

mySQL Update on Atlanta Web Server tonight

 Oct 11th

MySQL will be upgraded to the latest version.  Current Version is 5.1 and will be upgraded to 5.5.  This upgrade is expected to take at least 1 hour and will happen between 12am and 6am 10/11/2014.   We have confirmed that all software scripts should be compatible with this update however some legacy software may require additional ... Read More »

Now Accepting Google Wallet Payments

 Apr 19th

If you already have Android then you already probably use it to buy your apps at the app store.  You will be prompted to sign in with your Google User account and choose which form of payment you want to use.  It's that easy to make fast one time easy payments.

Portal Change

 Apr 18th

It has never been our intentions to compete for sales on the internet or through advertisement.  We offer a variety of customized services for a lot of clients.  We have decided to open our website up as a customer portal.  It is still possible to order and upgrade services.  

New Knowledge Base

 Nov 26th

Now offering a new Knowledge Base.  One way to better help you receive the answers you are looking for.

PCI Compliance

 Nov 26th

Atech St. Louis is doing more to make sure our Servers remain PCI Compliant.  If your website takes credit card ask how you can be PCI Compliant today.